Efsa cerca Data Management Specialist

efsa Responsibilities:

  • Defining and maintaining data collections (definition of methodologies for data collection including EFSA’s data reporting formats, definition and implementation of data quality controls, implementation and management of data collections and controlled terminologies within the EFSA’s data collection tools);
  • Producing and maintaining extraction, transformation and loading procedures to the EFSA data warehouse;
  • Producing and maintaining data reporting and data analysis with the different tools available in EFSA;
  • Supporting the data providers (users of the EFSA’s data collection tools), including participation in help-desk activities, guidance material production and training;
  • Supporting the development of EFSA IT tools particularly in the field of defining business requirements and performing user acceptance and validation;
  • Internal co-operation with other EFSA units in the coordination, planning, development, harmonization and implementation of activities of data management, as well as external communication; maintaining close liaison with the Member States, the European Commission, EU agencies and the organisations responsible of submitting data to EFSA.

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